April 19-20 I will be celebrating a big birthday in ski country.

I am getting a group rate on lift tix for Killington for that weekend.
Saturday lift ticket will be $35 and a 2 day lift ticket will be $60.

I will also be having a party, hopefully with live music, and food, apres
ski April 19.

You are all invited.

Please RSVP so I can get a count for lift tickets.

We'll likely be staying at the Turn of River Lodge and may even have the
party there, unless of course I find another place to do it. I will
consider the Red Rob as well, since they have a pool and hot tubs. If
anyone else has any suggestions as to where we should have our party and
where to lodge (cheap) let me know. I'll be doing a little shopping for
lodging when I get back from BC.


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