On Fri, 21 Feb 2003, Daren Rexroad wrote:
> 3-pin no cable
> Pinless cable
> 3-pin cable
> I'm thinking the 3-pin cable that would allow the removal of the cable for
> climbs, and put them back on for headin' down. . . Any thoughts would be
> appreciated!

If you're buying new, I'd personally go for the 3-Pin/Hardwire combo. The
heelplate is designed so that you can clip the wire onto it for touring,
and then snap it your boot for downhill. Although I hevent skied it, I was
able to manhandle a set of SuperComps in this setup and the rods seemed to
add a lot of stability, MUCH more than the slinkies, It would also be a
better setup to have should you ever migrate to plastic boots. The
hardwire assembly wont stretch out as easily, it's much easier to put on,
and I think retail price is not that much different, maybe 20-30 bucks

On the other hand, the old style 3pin cable can usually be found used for
a pittance (dont pay more than 25-30 bucks, unless they're on decent skis


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