Mad River Glen reported 2", which seemed fairly accurate. While it
doesn't qualify as major dumpage, it was enough to put a nice soft
layer on top of things. Carefully choosing my adjectives, I'd call
today's conditions "very nice," pretty much everywhere on the
mountain. The bumps were nice, the groomers were nice.

I spent most of the day with my buddy Lew, though I did bump into Dave
and got to ski a little bit with him for a while. After losing
Dave, Lew and I continued to cruise at sub orbital speeds with
occasional pokes into trees
and bumps here and there. Particularly fun: Canyon, Beaver, a
Glades/Liftline combo, repeated
trips down Upper Cantalope with minimal turnage at high speeds on phat
skis and soft boots.


Willy boy spent the day in Cricket Club, but at days end he and I
uncorked 4 or 5 runs down the lower Practice Slope on the
Holzschlitten. Snell!

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