Get back on the horse, or something like that.  Day 3 on teles, first
day on my own gear, around 6 weeks since my previous tele experience
(which caused a hospital trip and 5 weeks on a cast).  I went to Bolton
this evening.  Conditions were pretty standard packed powder.  Crowds
were light, but when I'm outside of my comfort zone, even light crowds
seem like too much.  I had a hard time finding the right balance of
trail width (the wider the better) and trail pitch (not much) for me to
be happy.  See, there is a reason for places like Bretton Woods  :)
And double fall lines are the work of the devil.  I spent most of the
evening doing laps on Bear Run with one trip up to the top and down
Sherman's Pass.  Did you know that Bear Run has a double fall line?  I
certainly noticed it.  My left turns are getting pretty good (they were
the ones that ended going uphill), and my right turns are less good
(they spent more time downhill).  After an hour or so, I was getting
back in the swing of things and was able to almost get a run in with
all tele turns.  I think if you combined a couple of my runs, I made
tele turns on the entirety of Bear Run, but just not all in one run.

I'm liking the tele rig I bought myself.  Pocket Rocket 165's with
Bomber Bishops and Garmont Syner-G boots.  I'm finding the edge of the
back (inside) ski much more easily with this set up than the rental
gear at Stowe (Super Stinx and Cobras).  I'm not way up on edge yet,
but I definitely left a carved trail with the inside ski on the flatter
areas (I stopped and looked back a few times).  And the whole
knee-dropping thing seems really smooth and effortless, unlike how I
remember the rental gear.  I do plan on demoing some more tele skis for
"normal" trail use.  The bomber bindings are designed so a mounting
plate goes between the ski and the binding using allen bolts to mount
the binding to the plate.  I got a second set of mounting plates (the
bindings and 2 sets of mounting plates are about equal in price to two
complete set of other tele bindings) so I can move my bindings between
two pairs of skis, once I decide on what my second pair of skis will be.

If anyone wants to spend some time slumming on the beginner terrain at
low speeds giving me tele pointers, I'll buy reeb.  Same goes for
providing tele ski "demos".  I don't expect someone to spend all day /
evening helping me, but a couple of runs now and again would probably
help greatly.  I'm not sure if I'm ready for Gondolier at Stowe, but
that's an evening option, otherwise back to Bolton.  This weekend is
booked as a teaching weekend, but next weekend is open.  And no, I
won't go to MRG.

What's the tele mantra?  "free the heel, free the mind, free Mad
River"?  :)

Jason - "snot-nosed telemarker"

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