The Teardrop Night Rippers were at it again last night. The usual
suspects included Mexican Jimmi Jax, PhatJax Scott, Skinny Dip Kris,
Draobwons Andy, Babyface "The Kid" Kulas, and yours truly -- with a
special tailgate party appearance by Mystery Mike and his Wonder Dog.

It took this old man 90 minutes to schlep himself up the 2200 vertical
feet between the parking lot and the jump pitch. The warm snow and my
skins just didn't make contact like they did it the cold clear air of
last Sunday afternoon.

The next 34 minutes of down skiing was marked by a Gomer Parade. We all
flailed at some point in the woods: snow was inconsistent, to say the
least. Old powder, a bit sun baked and refrozen, sometimes soft
sometimes hard or crunchy, very rutted, lurking hazards. The cameras
were running nonetheless, and footage will be available soon on a web
site near you. Some suggested we would have been better off sticking to
the trail rather than the trees. Too bad -- it was my call, and I stick
by it.

During the post-ski tailgate party, we suddenly saw a seventh light
coming down the unplowed road. It was Mystery Mike and his dog. I dunno
where he's come from -- other than "Southern Vermont" -- but the guys
all saw him coming up while they were coming down last Wednesday, and
Jiimy and I ran into him again (along with some older chap who may have
been his dad) sweating up the TD Sunday afternoon. TEO can maybe fill
in the details, as he and Mike appear to have some history.

So overall, a good ski despite somewhat disappointing snow. Conditions
were better at MRG Tuesday -- I think they got more snow down there
than did Mansfield.

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