Jumpin' Jimmy and Scott, I'm suin' your ssas.  In describing your recent
adventures on Mount Mansfield while using Karhu (tm) Jaks (tm) you
infringed upon one or more of the following trademarks:

"Phats," "phat," "CMH Phats," "Voelkl* Phats," "Phoelkl*," "Phat Voelkls,"
"Prophat," "Prophat of Fat," and any other phrase containing any
combination of at least two of the phollowing: "Phats," "Voelkl," "CMH,"
and "Phoelkl," are trademarks (tm) of Scorpion Scams, LLC, and shall not
be employed without prior written consent of CEO and President of
Scorpion Scams.

*Plural forms included.

That being said, aren't you glad you finally listened to the Prophat of Fat
(tm) (aka Apostle Malczyk)? How does the Jak's (tm) weight compare with
the Phats (tm)?

El Scorpion, President & CEO
Scorpion Scams, LLC

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