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> Is anyone familiar with any device that can be applied to an
> existing riser or the boot to get the desired effect.

Several thoughts:

1) Who's risers did  you buy?  Sometimes the riser kits
come with heel pieces that you can add a climbing bar
to as an add on.  I think some of the Voile heel pieces
shipped this way, for ex.

2) Depending on the thickness of your lift, you may be
able to purchase a heel piece of the same hieght that
has a built-in climbing bar.  See the Voile 20mm shim
kit here for example.
I'll bet that they'll sell you the heel piece only
if you call them direct or get REI to order it for

3) I think the BD TeleVates suck, especially compared
to the Voile climbing bars that I've also used. The
Vates are complicated mechanically requiring fiddling
with the spring tension and they still collapse at

4) Normal height heel pieces (like the Vates) can
be mounted on top of cutting board spacers to meet
your hieght requirements.  You need to enjoy shop
class though.

5) Voile sells climbing posts (article # 701 on the
web page above) that go around your ankle with bungee
cords.  You just slip them under your heel for the
climb up.  This will work on all your skis with no
need to add climbing bars or modifying what you

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