From: James Dugan [mailto:[log in to unmask]]
> I like reading your stuff but I am getting tired of
> the whining.

James, this is NOT pointed to you at all.  Honestly.
You just happen to have expressed something that I
hear on this list a lot.  It's more directed to the
list as a whole, not to you specifically.

IMO, if people want to survive online, they need
to learn how to read selectively and not get offended
by what folks say.  This allows you to take away the
stuff that helps/teaches/inspires/enlightens while
leaving behind that which is tripe/senseless/illconsidered.

A couple of terse sounding points.

* Nobody forces anybody to read posts on lists at
  all.  Specifically, nobody forces you to read
  posts by folks you don't agree with and in fact
  most mail/news readers allow for easy filtering.

* "That pisses me off" is a cop out.  We all have
  control of our reaction to things.  Your *reaction*
  to posts is totally under your control.
  Remember Miya's Maxim: "All posts are trolls."
  If you bite, it is your choice.

* All whining is shrill, especially whining about
  others who are whining.

Ok Chromer and Dennis, I'll honor the warranties
on your Irony-Meters (tm), which I'm sure I just
blew apart!

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