Hello everyone,
  One of our students just came across a great opportunity for those of
you out there who are interested in learning more about Unix, or are
already a Unix "buff".
Check it out..

-Bridget Zurn


I just wanted to inform the computer science community here at UVM of
the Vermont Area Group of Unix Enthusiasts:

   A Vague Description of VAGUE: - Advocate the use of free (as in
   freedom), open source, UNIX and GNU/Linux systems and software. The
   collective serves as a resource for the community; including
   beginners, professionals and other enthusiasts.

I only just recently (as in today) came across this group.  It sounds
like a great resource and I would encourage faculty and students to
participate, or at least join the mailing list.  My only criticism is
the lack of PR on behalf of VAGUE, hence my letter to make it a little

David Van Horn

dvanhorn at cs dot uvm dot edu