Hi everyone,

I have volunteered to do a tutorial (not related to the other tutorials
that have been going on) on the subject of using g++ to compile, and debug
(at a very basic level), which machines to use, etc.  And also on basic
UNIX use for novices.  The reason is that there were so many people who
were very lost in cs104 this semester when we were asked to use g++ for
the first time.

There are some new skills to learn and not a lot of support for learning
them.  For example, how do you debug?  Now that tyr's g++ has been
upgraded, I am ready to move ahead with scheduling a time and borowing a
camera or two from Media Services.

But I don't have a complete list of the areas of confusion that people may
be experiencing.  So I'm asking for your input on subjects that should be
covered.  Are you in cs104 or 103 and using UNIX for the first time?  Do
you have specific questions like "How do I change my directory?" Are you a
TA that gets the same questions over and over and would like someone to
just record it once and for all so you can go about helping people with
more conceptual stuff?  A very short list of planned topics are:

How to log in from home using SSH and submit your homework.
How to compile a multifile C++ program without using a make file (just the
basic commands).
How to find what man pages exist for a certain topic like "integer".
What is man anyway?
etc.. etc...

There are various levels of mastery on these subjects so some people will
certainly be thinking "Oh this is so baby stuff."  But this step is
essential for some people (especially commuters who don't have
their computers jacked into the network from their rooms).  Please help by
sending me your personal perplexities puggestions and ponderings. :)


PS: I have been in contact with Byung Lee, and Bridget about this.