My entry this time will be "Shrek".  :)  1 hr 33 minutes.
It's lots of computer animation, a fairy tale retelling (and mangling) whose
plot begins like this:

A new "king" Farquad seeks the magic mirror of Snow White's evil stepmother,
and in finding it, has evicted all fairy creatures from his kingdom.  The fairy
tale creatures end up in Shrek the Ogre's swamp.  Shrek is a bit of a
misanthropist, so he'll do anything to regain the peace and solitude of his
swamp.  "King" Farquad sends him on a quest promising to return him his
peaceful swamp if he succeeds. It's very funny, although it's little stomach-
turningly cute  for a few minutes at the end.


Quoting Bridget McM Zurn <[log in to unmask]>:

> Hello everyone!
> We have decided not to move the movie night!
> In light of this I will get the ideas started.
> Oceans 11
> Thirteenth Floor
> (One of the movies will be Gattaca)
> We must decide our other movie by Tuesday evening, so get your
> votes/suggestions in now!
> -Bridget