Hi Krista,
While I dont know of a similar program, I would recommend that he contact
with Kim Runion at the Department of Education in NH.  She is an excellent
resource on employment initiatives including VR and transition etc.  Hope
this helps!

Kim's address:
Dept of Education
101 Pleasant Street
Concord NH  03301
(603) 271-7977
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Subject: Other programs

Hi Everyone,

It's Krista from the Rutland JOBS.  I just came back from a Rotary Club
meeting and one of the members asked if there is a similar program to JOBS
running in NH.  He has a relative who he felt could benefit from the
program, but lives in Atkinson, NH.  If anyone knows any information
pertaining to this could you please let me know?

Krista LaFemina
JOBS Rutland