Hi Krista--
This is Gina from the Burlington JOBS Program... most of our non-school referral come from Spectrum (primarily the homeless shelter and the counseling program), from SRS, and from school social workers who are working with clients who are about to drop out of school.  I do think its a great idea to meet again with DOC and I was wondering if it made sense to check in with SRS again and potentially DET (do youth have a youth employment program there?)
I'll let you know if I have any other ideas.

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Hi there Everyone,

This is Krista from the Rutland JOBS program.  Sorry I missed you all at the
big meeting.  I was home with a sick child.

I was wondering who do most of your non-school referrals come from?  How do
you go about getting them.  We are really struggling to get new referrals
that are not school related.  So far I am not having any luck with DOC.  I
do have a meeting on Thurs. with them.  If anyone as any suggestions please
let me know.  So far I have got most of my referrals from within my agency,
SRS, VR, and self referrals.  But one of my biggest downfalls, is they are
mostly school kids or they do not wish to engage in the program.  Any
suggestion anyone has would be greatly appreciated.

Krista LaFemina
Rutland JOBS