Hello George,

     I have been a quiet and tentative supporter of a
military initiative to disarm Iraq for the past 2-3
months now. I guess I decided to join the fray after
the vitriolic barrage of anti-war sentiment buried me
(particularly here in the Northwest, where there are
frequent rallies outside my office window and people
standing alongside the freeways holding signs. The
bullhorns and the talk from adjacent cubes and offices
incited a gesture from me that I could only sum up
with the verbal proposition 'enough already.' I
decided to let someone know that there is a segment of
the public that supports the war (although polls DO
indicate between 66 and 72 percent of the US public
support the effort).

     When I posted, I did not pay attention to the
climate of the list to which I was responding. If I
had, I would have respected the bounded culture that
is this membership. (I subscribed to this list to use
it as a science news ticker but clearly the philosophy
of its members is almost intrinsically and
inextricably bound up with an anti-war position).

     Thus there is no reason for me to elaborate on my
position. It would be futile to try to unpack my
reasoning for the rest of the group, especially since
I have done so already.

     I certainly understand the frustration of members
of this list who feel like a statistical (though not a
vocal) minority and feel like they are banging their
heads against an unassailable wall. I preside over a
reform campaign of sorts (complete with its own book
and web site) in which I represent a minority.

J. Wyatt Ehrenfels

--- George Salzman <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Wednesday, March 12, 2003
> Dear J. Wyatt Ehrenfels,
>       In your response yesterday to my posting, you
> wrote, in part, "I for
> one support the war."
>       Why?
> Sincerely,
> George Salzman
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