The Journey of Man: A Genetic Odyssey -- by Spencer Wells; Hardcover
Times Review:

'The Journey of Man': Following the Genes of a Common Ancestor

This book looks interesting, but I am always a little puzzled at the Out of Africa thesis, which may well be true, not my point. But we seem to be staring at evidence of directed evolution in isolation. Check out the figures, and the overall claims, we can hardly be anything but suspicious we are missing the main point, although no proof is there, to be sure.
The men that emerge from these source areas so suddenly, and without any clear indication of how these suddenlies really occurred, remain relatively unchanged from then onward, save for the factor of genetic drift and and other non-speciating changes. The whole issue of these and other claims for a Great Explosion (see book by that name) is simply left unexplained, not that anyone can do better.  But the obvious suggestion is that this type of finding is counterevidence on the descent of man, as to Darwinian natural selection.
Part of the problem is the fear of seeing something different, and world history shows something quite different! We could be inside evolution and not even know it. But shows just enough data to detect it.

Looking at the eonic effect, we see rapid changes on a 10k time scale operating at a macrolevel beyond the field of free action, starting with the sudden upswing of the Neolithic. Isn't this another of these Great Explosions?
What are we to suppose for earlier stages of man's descent? We may never know, but the Darwinian claims simply blink at all the crucial points. Blink, blink. Are you confused?

John Landon
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World History and the Eonic Effect