The key to page placement is to always ask these questions:

1. Who will use this page?

2. Where will they look for it?

3. What are they likely to call it?

Ours is a button of its own on the home page.  I think that's where it
belongs.  If that's not possible (and this can get very political!)  I'd put
it under "Health Information" or "Information Services" or "Education."  You
want to be as specific and as clear as possible.  Double entendres belong in
poetry and naughty jokes, not on public service Web pages.  Nothing annoys
people more than clicking on a link and finding that its content isn't what
they wanted because the description was misleading.

I wouldn't put patient education under "Patient Services" because when I
think of Patient Services I think of clinical services (Rehabilitation, for
example) but maybe that's just me.  I'd probably look for it under Health
Information if I were visiting for the first time.

If you build it they will come.  If you build it to be easy to navigate,
user-friendly and logical, they will come back.  IMHO.

Michael Heyd, AHIP
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> Subject: placement of hospital library webpage
> We have someone new in charge of the hospital web page at our
> hospital. They
> want to place the hospital's medical library web page under "Patient
> Services". I have two questions:
> 1.      Where is the library placed on other community
> hospital's web pages?
> What do you think is the best category for the link (patient
> services?,
> Medical services?) , if it cannot be on the hospital home page?
> 2.      How is placement determined? Is it only by hits to
> the page? Are
> there established criteria for evaluating this (such as the
> criteria for
> journals as stated in the wonderful  editorial in JMLA 91(1)
> Jan 2003 p. 1
> "The art and science of making choices" - one quote: "day to
> day experience
> of how journals are used...")
> They also want to place all our patient education information (advance
> directives, etc) under patient services ...the old term was Health
> Resources)
> I would be interested in any experience you have had with this.
> Thank you!
> Elaine Goldman, Medical Librarian
> Pascack Valley Hospital
> 250 Old Hook Rd.
> Westwood, NJ   07675
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