Dear friends in MEDLIB-L

I have incomplete reference citation from journal call "war medicine" 1945 v.7 p.345- 352, one of the article auther is Kark RN, so all I need is the rest of the authers how participate in the article, and because medline just cover from 1966 untill know we need to have some one have index medicux for 1945.

also I have this journal " acta diabetologica" 2002 v.39 S 35- S40 auther is Parving HH
and the title of the article is "controlling hypertension in diabetes" the refrences of this article is missing , so i will be very appreciate if some of our friends can send it to me.

thanks for your cooperation

mohamed ghali mubarak
ref / ser librarian
arabian gulf university library
kingdoom of bahrain

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