Scott wrote:
>Now, I know a lot of you in the northeast probably could care less about
>what happens in Colorado, but the storm that looks like it will form out in
>the plains is looking almost scary for those people who live on and in the
>Front Range of Colorado.  Anywhere from Denver to southeastern Montana is
>going to get absolutely crushed.  Matt, keep us informed on what type of
>powder antics go down at Loveland.

We've had 19" at Alta since Friday, and it's still snowing, but not all of
it was typical light Utah powder. Of that 19", about a foot of it had 1.5"
of water. Yuck. It's interesting how today's Wasatch avi report describes
the weather:

Mountain Weather:
We have unusual weather today with a very large, closed low pressure system
that covers most of the Rocky Mountain States and it's centered nearly on
top of us.  It's kind of like a brontosaurus doing the whirling dervish and
we're standing just in between its legs.  Everything around us is getting
blasted but as long as you're in the middle, you are in the eye of the
storm and nothing happens.  But this morning the brontosaurus is moving to
the east and things may get interesting.  Today our ridge top winds will
blow from the north and become stronger.  This should give us snow showers
most of the day.  It's such an odd storm, I'm not sure what is going to
happen, but I think we'll get about 3-6 inches of snow in the upper
elevations with the rain-snow line around 6,000'.  Ridge top winds should
blow from the north around 20 mph with stronger gusts.  Ridge top
temperatures should be in the mid 20's with 8,000' temperatures just under
freezing.  This storm should continue to produce clouds and snow showers on
Tuesday with ridge top winds becoming northeasterly with lingering clouds
and showers on Wednesday as well.

Beware the Bronto!
"My relationship to sheep is a bit ambivalent now. I like them, but not
when they come flying through the air."    - Per Kristian Hagen from his
hospital room after having his skull fractured by a flying sheep's head
during a concert of metal band Mayhem.
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