Greg Reeb writes:
> I was purposely late to let the sun soften things up. I headed
> straight for Southridge.

That sounds sort of like my day.  We hit the season pay lot at 9:00 and it
was already uncomfortably hot in the parking lot.  We did a Snowdon quad to
East Fall and C4 to Double Dipper as a warmup.  They were both already
soft... most encouraging.  We then went straight to South Ridge.  Many
Breakaways, Jug/Jug Handles, Pipe Dreams, and Roundabaouts.  Back to the
parking lot via Ovation (which hadn't softened) to fire up the BBQ.  We
hung in the sun for a couple of hours drinking ovreuc satiragram & reebs
with friends.

Rick Torrey put a shot up on his web site:

Afterwards, we did laps on Great Bear, Vagabond, Northstar, & Conclusion
until the lifts shut at 4:00.  My favorite part of the ski season has


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