Sorry for posting such an old trip report but I have limited access to a

Friday 3/7:
No school for friday so my brother Jeremy and I decided to hit my uber-
secret backcountry glade down to the Caribou Valley Rd. Conditions varied
from 6 inches of light wind-affected snow to the same depth powder. The
base was pretty deep considering the fact that Sugarloaf has missed a lot
of the southern-tracking storms this year, and survey ribbons placed at
head hight in the summer were now barely visable above the snowpack. The
glades were a little dissapointing in comparison to the other times I have
hit it this year: the wind-affected was abnormally grabby and threw my
brother over the handlebars more than once (tele). I attributed my
dissapointment to the fact that I was on my Dynastar Bigs rather than my
Axioms so I made plans to go Saturday. I called up my friends Tom, George
and on a whim James. James, recently returned from LaGrave as part of the
ALPS program was in for the backside, Tom was in also, George out.

Saturday 3/8:
My knuckledagging friend Tom and I woke up late and arrived at the mountain
at 10:00. The parking lots were packed Sunday River style and we had to
find a space in one of the lower lots. After lugging my Axioms up to the
quad to meet up with my friend James, I realized there had been a
miscommunication. James had no intetion of skiing the backside right off
and proposed to hit the snowfields as a camera man was in tow. Bummer. So I
walked all the way down and grabbed by Bigs from the truck; the Axioms
would be way too big for what we would be skiing. After about a 15min round
trip I arrived at the quad to find James, his friend (also in the ALPS) and
the camera man just boarding the quad, Tom and I were SOL. We yelled that
we would meet them at the top. The SuperQuad line was a what seemed to be a
alltime high, so Tom and I got on the lower chair and transfered to
Spillway low side. From there I hiked up to top of the quad to find only
James, the other two were getting antsy and Tom was lagging behind so I
told him to go ahead and that we would meet him at 11:30 at the quad again.
I skied down to Tom and we went of to King Pine to avoid the crowds, the
line was short as anticipated and we loaded after barely waiting in line.
The day had already not turned out as anticipated; I wanted to do the
backside first and give ourselves a little cushion in case anthing went
wrong, but I resigned to going with the flow for the rest of the day and
not worrying about it. Little did I know that the day was to get even
worse. On the way up one of the towers was making a funny noise and before
we got 100' passed it the lift shut down. To recap the whole event, a cat
with a winch came up, along with a phalanx of patrollers, the chair over
the tower was evac'd, and the tension was let off of the cable, much
contemplation over jumping ensued (only about 12-15ft with no tension) and
James and company were spotted straightlining the same lift line to get
speed for the runout going too fast to hear our cries from the lift. The
lift was finally fixed after an hour. It was 11:40 so I mached it back to
the Quad to find James waiting, Tom showed up and James convinced us to
take another run as the camera man wanted more shots. The Snowfields were
thin but there was corn on the south facing exposures and the skiing was
pretty good. Back at the base after taking my skis off I looked up to see
George giving me an evil grin, he had been able to make it and had slipped
out of a previous engagement. I ran down to the truck and grabbed my Axioms
and we all went off to do the backside. It was about 1:00, a little late to
be leaving, but not too bad. The glade was, as suspected a lot more fun on
the Axioms, and we took a fast GS run down to the road, popping off of
stumps and small cliffs on the way. We returned to the base at 3:30 just in
time for one last run but I was beat and passed at the offer, two great
days had really worn me out. The day turned out to be a ton of fun and
sharing the snow and glades with a friend I hadn't skiied with in a long
time (James) made the whole day worthwhile.

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