Most people like their corn in the late summer, a golden, succulent variety
that grows plentifully in these parts. I, for one, am quite happy with the
first spring harvest, which I find as delectable and sweet as anything this
side of Nebraska. Speaking of which, I think somebody took the state of
Nebraska and shaped it into General Stark Mountain with amazing accuracy.
The freezing temperatures overnight made for the best snow I have seen in a
while. Trees were daunting, with rotting snow lurking, but today was a day
to ski the bumps.

Saw the Fearless Leader only briefly. He mentioned a few laps Catamount-
>Broadway->Canyon. Well, our tractors must never have crossed. Friend Mike
and I harvested that route like winter was coming early... finally I was
able to ski the bumps that have eluded me all winter. Even a herniated disc
is no match for the real thing. These weren't the soupy, mashed potato
plate that Aunty K serves up on Superstar in May, nor were they the sticky
glop found in these parts on Sunday's heatwave. No, with the thermometer
reading 40 in the sun, those bumps were simply a-maize-ing.

By my count this is the fifth Tuesday in a row with bluebird skies.
Apparently someone is smiling down on me and all the other people with
Tuesdays off.

Ski it while you can.


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