I will be able to make chat tonite.

Since I decided not to ski tonite, since its gonna be all frozen up by the
time I get there, I decided to go kayaking. Our local creek is way up from
the melt. Water is cold, but it looks like fun (went out there at lunch to
scout it out).

My car is so full of gear right now. It contains

1 whitewater kayak, paddle and bag of gear/clothing
2 pairs of telemark skis
2 pairs of alpine skis
2 sets of ski poles
1 pair of snowshoes
1 pair of alpine boots
1 pair of telemark boots
various hats, neck gators, gloves, sunglasses
maps of many scales and locations, trails, roads etc
2 jackets

This is a tough time of year. I need all my gear, cuz I don't know what
activity I'll be up to each day.

I'll be up for chat after Survivor.

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