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First off, Vermont does not have same-sex marraiges, for better or worse,

-----------------------I saw it happening documented on TV news coverage immediately upon passing the law.  Two guys hand in hand saying their "I do's" before a minister or JP.  You say pah-tah-toe, I say puh-tay-toe.

 I fail to see how that is corrupting our society.

-----------------------Who said anything about that?  That's why you are TEO.  I merely indicated that Vermont leads the nation in that area.  Isn't this good??

Relative to what has Dean done for Vermont? He has guaranteed health
coverage for everyone below the age 18. He balanced the budget year after
year, payed off the State's debt and built up a rainy-day fund. Dean has
done countless other things for Vermont. Yes, he is for universal
healthcare, but he is for doing it in a fiscally responsible way. Dean IS
far from perfect--in my view he ignored the burgeoning heroin problem in
Vermont for too long. Act 60, which tries to provide equal educational
opportunities to all Vermonters, still has many kinks. On the other hand,
Dean did not write Act 60, the legislature did, and they were forced to do
something by the State Supreme Court. Act 60 may be what you are thinking
about when you say Douglas immediately repealed something, however,
Douglas has not repealed Act 60. The legislature is now working on
correcting its supposed faults.

------------------Ahh, the meat of the issue.  That's all I requested.  Thank you for the enlightenment.  Maybe he's worth a vote.  Ifffffff he makes it through the primary.  I hope he does.     Jimski

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