Greg Reeb writes:
 > I was purposely late to let the sun soften things up. I headed
 > straight for Southridge.

I was at K-Mart on day too early! Nothing softened on
Saturday except for in front of KBL and the skier's left of Royal Flush
(faces due south). Nevertheless, my friends and I had a great day on
classic K-Mart conditions (firm and fast with a skiff of new snow) under
sunny skies.

The snowpack in the woods at Killington is very deep, perhaps the
deepest I've ever seen it (I was not here in 2001). Much more snow than
what I've experienced at Smuggs and MRG in the past month. All boulders,
cliff bands, and creek beds are covered and filled in.

I skied superb tree runs that I've never done before, including the ones
to the skier's left of Outer Limits, Vertigo, and Julio. I've said it
before and I'll say it again, the tree skiing at Killington matches up
well with any VT resort (including Stowe, MRG, and Jay).

Let's hope that Roemer is correct when he says there are indications
that late March and early April will be cooler than normal.


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