On Friday, March 14, 2003, at 06:43 PM, Sharon Heller wrote:

> Ok, I'm gonna say something you won't believe....don't go to Jay on
> saturday. Its $35 day and it will be VERY crowded ($35 Canadian too!).

Thanks for the tip, sharon!

With six Canadians in the house, you would think it would be easier to
scare up some funny colored money. Not so. Vickie ended up raiding
William's piggy bank to help send the boys (me, Bro-in-law-and-skiing
Jake, and nephew redraobwons Steve) off the Jay for the day.

And what a day! Yes, we got one of the last parking spots in Stateside
lot, but there must have been a lot of single passenger cars, because
that was pretty much where the crowds ended. No problem finding seats
in the lodge, 5 minutes lift lines (except the Tram, of course).
Lightly populated trails, except for some reason Urrls Dream, which
skied like a dream but was busy like the NJ turnpike.

On Saturday, March 15, 2003, at 07:11 PM, Sharon Heller wrote:

> What a day of spring skiing!!! Bluebird skies and blazin sunshine.
> It was the best spring day I can remember at Greek Peak....
> I hope y'all had a day like we did here in central NY.

No, we skied soft, dry powder and packed powder. What a difference in
snow quality between SBN and Jay! About an inch of new to freshen
things up, soft powder bumps in the few glades we hit. Loose powder on
"groomers." A touch of hard pack and ice as day drew to a close, but
only a touch. heck, I even hist some untracked in Buck's Woods.

It was a fun and different experience showing off the mountain to
touron flatlanders from the Niagara peninsula. Usually a day at Jay
means non-stop tree action. Today was mostly soft cruisers, long high
speed rund cutting across the moountain this way and that, with the
occasional foray into soft bumps or easy trees when the mood hit. Got
to hit a lot of old favorites that normally go unnoticed.

Highlights? The Flash, of course. Expo. Goat Run to Buck's Woods to
Moonwalk Woods. Our old friend, the Bonaventure Glades. The sun, when
it finally came out around 2:30. Standing on the summit at 4:10 in the
afternoon, staring at it all.

Thus ends a week of phine skiing in the North Country -- six out of the
last eight days on skis. Deep powder, bumps, and cruisers. Friends and
family. This is the good life!

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