I received this information regarding a firewall server. We'd have to buy
a dedicated box, but I was able to locate one per the specs below for
$499. The CD suite has a Linux OS. The sales rep is offering this software
for no cost to the first 10 customers in Vermont. It appears that this is
a faster setup compared with the SonicPro which we now use. The filter
list provided by Firewall servers is updated each night. Apparently they
have a program that searches the Internet constantly. I have not been
pleased with the SonicPro's performance, configuration limitations, and
the fact that the filter list subscription allows access to too many
inappropriate web sites.
        If you are interested, give him a call. He'd need a PO made out to
Firewall Servers, for zero dollars to make the request formal.
        The text of the offer follows:

Hardware requirements:

PIII or Celeron cpu at 500 MHz
20 GB hard disk
2 10/100 Ethernet ports
CD-ROM drive.

We would consider you a "beta" site for the Northeast (first 10 requests)
and will offer as part of that program the following for using the
software suite:
1. CD at no charge. Retail cost is $995.00
2. Unlimited tech support
3. Six months free update subscription
4. Follow-on 1 year subscription for $595. Retail cost is $895.00

This software is considered"beta" because it incorporates a self-loading
CD and guided script for loading all of the user's parameters. I will
personally be loading and testing this suite next week as a final
check-off before offering it for sale. Assuming all goes well, we could
make this available to you by the week of April 14. Attached is a
pre-release pdf data sheet of the product.

The mailing address is:
Firewall Servers
565 South Mason Road #217
Katy, Texas 77450.
The phone and FAX number are the same: 281-647-6484.

Rex Zerger