A beautiful day at Leffert's Pond today with 27
species seen and heard. There were 15 common
mergansers, 4 hooded mergansers, 4 ring-necked
ducks, 2 black ducks and 3 mallards on the pond
along with 3 great blue herons.  We also saw 2
belted kingfishers.

4 winter wrens, 6 golden-crowned kinglets, 5
ruby-crowned kinglets and 1 white-throated
sparrow were very vocal. Adding percussion were 7
yellow-belled sapsuckers and 4 ruffed grouse.

In addition we saw 5 red-breasted nuthatches, 4
brown creepers and 1 yellow-rumped warbler, a
very handsome male.

Although we did not see it, reliable sources
reported an osprey on the new nesting platform
earlier in the day.

And an added bonus on a great day was a mourning

Sue Elliott

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