Yesterday-4/29/2003-a friend and I went north on a birding expedition to the
Otter Creek area. Here is a list of sightings.
First At My Home-Manchester Center-2 wrens singing

Route 30-Pawlet-11 Turkeys(1 male in beautiful display), 2 Barn Swallows, 3
savannah sparrows

Lake St. Catherine-1 loon

Route 30 above Bomoseen-5m, 4f Green Wing Teal, 2m, 1f Northern Pintail,
lots of Canada Geese, mallards and 12 American Black Ducks.

Cedar Swamp Creek Road-65+ Ring Necks, 3 Buffleheads, 2 shovelers, 12 Black
Ducks, 2 Swamp Sparrow, & 3 Greater Yellowlegs

Between Brandon & Florence-1m, 1f Gadwell, 3 meadowlarks, 3m, 2f teal,1
harrier, 3 kestrils, and an active great blue heron rookery with seven
occupied nests

West Rutland March-1 calling Virginai Rail

Pawlet-2 osprey, 2 red tail hawks

Back home-1 singing Ruby Crowned Kinglet, 1 yellow rump and 2 calling

A successful day.
Barbara Powers

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