Despite the rotten weather, I noticed some nice birds today (April 5) at
two stops during an afternoon trip from Plainfield to Grand Isle.

A flooded cornfield at the corner of US Route 2 and Country Club Road in
Plainfield included four (!) species of shorebird:
    Canada Goose
    Wood Duck (2)
    Black Ducks
    Killdeer (2)
    Semipalmated Plover (5 -- not doing well at all)
    Common Snipe (1)
    American Woodcock (1)

A flock of 52 Killdeer flew over the village of East Montpelier nearby.

At Sandbar State Park:
    Great Blue Heron (2)
    Common Goldeneye (~15)
    Bufflehead (2)
    Northern Pintail (1)
    Common Merganser (6)
    Bald Eagle (1)
    Tree Swallow (2)
    American Tree Sparrows (singing!)

The singing Tree Sparrows really helped me through the day.

Bryan Pfeiffer

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