Hi, I've been reading everyone's sighting reports for quite awhile now, so
I thought I would finally write myself :)

I was down at the Meadows late this afternoon and saw a male common
loon!  I watched as he consumed a few good-sized fish - he had quite a time
finishing his meal.  I've also been watching a nesting pair of Canadian
geese.  They were the only geese around and were keeping a close watch on
their nesting area.

On Tuesday at the Meadows, I saw a lone cormorant, a belted kingfisher and
two pair of common mergansers.  I also saw an otter today and Tuesday - cute!

Also, on Tuesday, I had a towhee scratching away under my feeder here in W.
Brattleboro.  As I type, there are the usual house sparrows,
red-wings,  and 3 chipping sparrows, along with one song sparrow in the
yard having dinner (fox sparrows were here last week).  Last night, I
startled two deer enjoying the feeder "spillage" - guess they have to eat, too!

Laurie Miner
W. Brattleboro