New Hampshire Birds (4/19):
At Mink Brook:
    3 N. Shovelers (2m,1f)
    2 Blue-winged Teal (pr)

Connecticut River by Waste Treatment Plant:
    1m Wood Duck
    11 Common Mergs
    4 Mallards

Wilder Dam:
    2m Wood Ducks
    8 Ring-necked Ducks (7m,1f)
    3 Common Goldeneyes (1m, 2f)
    2 Greater Scaup (pr)

Mouth of the Mascoma River:
    12+ Palm Warblers
    8-10 Yellow-rumped Warblers

Ledyard Bridge:
    6 D-c Cormorants
    3m Ring-necked Ducks

River Road - Grant Brook mouth:
    2 Blue-winged Teal

Hanover Center:
    1 Broad-winged Hawk

At our feeders for the past 3-4 days:
    100+ Juncos
    up to 8 Chipping Sparrows
    3 Song Sparrows
    3+ White-throated Sparrows
    2 Fox Sparrows (not seen since 4/16)

At Hanover Cemetery by Mink Brook on Friday, 4/18:
    1 Merlin - heard briefly

Vermont Birds (4/19):
White River Jct:
    14 Turkey Vultures

Montshire Museum Pond:
    9 Wood Ducks (7m,2f)
    Several Canada Geese

Pompy Flats:
    Mallard, Common Merg
    5 A. Black Ducks
    5 Green-winged Teal (2m,3f)