Hi all,

I have to apologize for my late reporting. But as some of the sightings were
great...I felt even a late posting would be appreciated.

First: April 20- right on time our PINE WARBLER arrived in our yard and ate
suet from the feeder. I always consider him a great birthday present as he
arrives April 19 (my birthday) or April 20 every year. So we put out small
peices of suet and meal worms for his enjoyment. Also PURPLE FINCH,
regular feedeer birds were very active as Ray & I raked the lawn...

April 13- We had a birding friend up from Massachusetts, so took a trip from
Georgia south through the Sandbar, then north through the Islands to Alburg,
and across the bridge back to Swanton and then back to Georgia. We call it
the Northern Loop. Will list the birds we saw. Most impressive were the
number of NORTHERN HARRIERS. We saw at least 7 individuals with about 4 of
those Grey Ghosts. Beautiful!  In Hog Isalnd there was one NORTHERN SHRIKE
sitting atop a tree and an EASTERN PHOEBE just a bit down the road. There
were clouds of TREE SWALLOWS flying out over Lake Champlain. The OSPREYS were
copulating on the nest at the Sandbar. (I hope that doesn't qualify this
email as pron!;-)) A very good day!

spp list: snow geese, double-crested cormorant, common loon, common
merganser, mallard, black duck, wood duck, common golden-eye, bufflehead,
greater scaup, ring-necked duck, blue-winged teal, greater black-back gull,
ringbill gull, killdeer, great blue heron, osprey, northern harrier, american
kestrel, redtail hawk, turkey vulture,  northern shrike, belted kingfisher,
red-winged blackbird, common grackle, mourning dove, american robin, eastern
phoebe, english sparrow, european starling, song sparrow, tree swallows,
black-capped chickadee

I just love Spring! Liz in Georgia, VT