I too saw my first empids last week on the New Haven in Bristol, not sure
the variety. They're such magical birds. Perhaps it is their choice of perch
locations(above majestic falls), but they always rub my belly.

Also yesterday in Montpelier saw a gourgeous BROAD WINGED HAWK soaring over
the interstate exchange. It caught full afternoon light and just made my

Happy Birding

Silas Miller

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Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2003 9:08 AM
Subject: Ahhh Spring!

>         While sitting on our upstairs deck drinking coffee this morning,
> saw many (at least 6 or 8) yellow-rumped warblers and the first empidonax
> flycatcher of the season.  The empid wasn't singing - if we had to call
> we'd say it was a least.  Seemed to have a very complete eye ring;
> wasn't yellow-bellied.
>         We put the purple martin gourds up by the pond yesterday, and all
> sorts of tree swallows were checking them out.  We never get martins.  All
> of this, plus a lot of phoebes, goldfinch, and chipping sparrows.  A great
> time of the year.
>         Larry and Mona in East Shoreham