Little late posting this but on Tuesday I was driving down Old Stage Road in
Essex, when I saw a RAVEN getting mobbed by a lone CROW. I pulled over the
watch the aerobatics, which were quite entertaining. As I was readying
myself to get going I looked to my left(I had been watching them over a
filed on the right), just as an adult GOSHAWK pulled up on a branch not more
than 30 feet from where I sat. Now usually I have to look at a few
things(barring, streaking, tail, etc) to figure which accipt. it is I'm
looking at, not this time. I've never seen a GOS so up close, the red eyes,
the ghost like gray, the sheer size. It was very cool, but soon got even
better as t flew over my head and perched on the opposite side of the road,
sat there for a minute and then flew across a meadow so low that it must
have been draggin it's feet. Now what I saw next was so cool, the bird
must've known the feeder layouts at the houses around there because it flew
in low and at an angle where the feeders on this particular house couldn't
see it, and then landed on the ground about 35 feet around the corner from
the feeders and ran on the ground crouched down low out and around the
corner(a buch blocked the feeders view to the ground) and stalked up right
under a bunch of feeder birds. What happened next was a blur of birds in
every direction and I'm not sure what happened, but the show was amazing.
50-75 birds took off not just fromt he feeders but all the surrounding trees
filled with RWBB and similar speices. What a show!! The GOS disappeared in
the whole mess, but I have the mental snapshot.

A little later on Woods Hollow road in Westford I saw a SHARP-SHINNED HAWK
flying north, and then two resident KESTRELs working the fields surrounding
my friends farm.

Nice day of birding.

Happy Birding All!!!

Silas Miller
So. Burlington