My main computer is broken and I have lost all the received messages I had, including those to the quiz 26 (Défi 26) of QuébecOiseaux (see, hereafter, what we will do with that) and all my e-mail addresses. I want to apologize to the people who were waiting an answer from me. I'm trying to answer to all people asking me an answer, but I can't answer to everybody immediately, even with writing many responses everyday. If you were waiting something from me, please write again because I have no more your message (but allow me at least 10 days because I'm now more than busy).

About quiz 26, you will have to resent me your answer, if right, if you want to be in the draws for the prizes. The mystery bird was a Bay-breasted Warbler (a first-spring female). It would be possible to know more about that identification by reading the coming issue of QuébecOiseaux. Please forward me your original answer in a way allowing me to check its first invoice date. I'm asking only for the answers with the right identification because, for now, I'm receiving e-mails in a very slow and unefficient way. Please, resent me your right answer BEFORE Wednesday. If you don't receive my message enough early to resent your message in time, resent it anyway. If it happens, to be fair, I will include your name in the next draws. That's the best I can do.

I apologize for that...

     Sainte-Julie, Qc
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«Sans technique, un don n'est rien qu'une sale manie» !!!
-- Georges Brassens

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