Dear Vermont Birders,

Ruby-throated Hummingbirds aren't here yet, but as of April 14 they have now reached central New Jersey! Last year, there was a Ruby-throat seen in Vermont on April 14.  If you would like to contribute to an on-line map showing hummer migration into New England this year, please send your first sightings to New England Hummers at  Click on the NE Hummers link, where you can report on line, and see your sighting on the map within a day or so.

At lower elevations throughout New England, people can put their feeders up now, just to be ready. For more information about spring arrival dates in our region, or to volunteer as a site or feeder monitor for our research project, please visit the New England Hummers website at the address below.

Thanks for reporting your hummers!

Sharon Stichter
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