Dear all:

A few days back I had requested your input regarding collection
Development in Healthcare Administration-a new program that is coming in

my school.  Here is a summary of the responses.  Thank you all, for your

valuable input.

Niyati Pandya
Reference Librarian
Shady Grove Library
University of Maryland
Rockville, MD 20850
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(1) Ramune Kubilius, Northwestern Univ.suggested:
MLA's Collection  Development Section page under "Subject Resources"
* under "Hospital and Health Care
 In that subject section, the EBSCO pdf list of journals is free on the
*HealthWeb: Health Administration
(  check "Online
Journals". ...check the list of "Education Programs" section of
institutions offering degrees in that field, go to the Web sites of the
libraries at those institutions for resources they offer.

(2) Jean L. Siebert, Byrd Hlth Sci. Ctr, WV recommended:
*Books: Healthcare Finance An Introduction to Accounting and Financial
Management ; Essentials of Health Care Marketing 3rd ed ; Economics of
Health and Health Care;
*Orgs: AUPHA Press/Health Administration Press, Association of
University Programs in Health Administation
Foundation of the American College of Healthcare Executives
*Amazon search: browse the subjects, starting with Health and Body, take
the Medical hyperlink, and choose the Administration & Medicine
Economics hyperlink. This method will list the top best sellers. Then
read  the reviews and comments. There is an article in the MLA News in
January 2003 which explains this process.
*HIPAA books(check MEDLIB-L archives)
*AMA (

(3) Valerie Rankow suggested:
 *Health Administration / Health Policy
*Health Care Information Resources -- Administrators
*Healthcare Intelligence Network-
*HealthWeb: Health Administration and Health
*HSLS Hospital Administration & Hospital
*Medical Matrix - Healthcare Management, Managed Care, and Policy,_Managed_Care,_and_Policy.asp

(fee based)
*Norris Medical Library - Health Administration
*Open Directory - Business: Healthcare: Hlthcare

(4) Jana Leibermann, NN/LM, SE/Atlantic Region suggested:
*Medical Group Management Association

(5): Ellen Layman recommended:
*Hospital and Healthcare Administration
*Managed Care: A Guide to Information Sources, MLA BibKit #9

*Online & Print Journals in Hospitals & Healthcare Administration 2003
EBSCO Information Services