I am upgrading my stable isotope facility.  I have limited space so must
get rid of my current mass spec and one extraction line.  If anyone is
interested in this equipment please contact me off-line.  The price will be
modest but buyer is responsible for packing and transportation.

Mass Spec:
Finnigan MAT delta E.   Put into service in 1989 and is currently running
well for CO2 and H2  Has isodat software on a PC.   Semi-automatic cold
fingers.  CNOS multi-collector and H/D collector.  Some spare parts.

H2 extraction Line:
H2 reduction with Uranium.  Toeppler pump to move H2.  Tube cracker for
waters and port for furnace for fluid inclusion decrepitation.  Hg
diffusion pump.  Needs rough pump.  I'll throw in some sample bottles.


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