Dear Colleagues,

        Does anyone know how to contact the GVI service department or Dr. Tony
Williams at GVI?  I have a Micromass IsoPrime mass spectrometer with
Gilson device for carbonate isotope analyses.  The whole setup is still
under warrantee.  The piston of the acid pump on Gilson was broken about
three weeks ago.  However, neither the Taiwan Micromass (used to be the
authorized dealer for UK Micromass) nor I can get in touch with any GVI
personnel who responds to our request for the replacement parts.
Ironically, I have received a letter by Waters said that GVI, led by Dr.
Tony Williams, will take over all the responsibility in April, 2003.

        No one lab can afford to stop running samples for such a long time for
research so I am asking colleagues in this news group for help.

Thanks for your help in advance!

Horng-sheng Mii
Associate Professor
Department of Earth Sciences
National Taiwan Normal University
Taipei, Taiwan