Hi Krista
this is Gina from the Burlington JOBS Program...this is one of our biggest issues at this time and one we have been working on with the state.  Right now I am also meeting with our benefits counselor to help with this situation.  It tends to be very common for us as we serve many folks over 18 who have to reapply for Medicaid and only qualify for VHAP.  I'll keep you posted with any solutions, although the "Medicaid for the working Disabled" is a good route to take.

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Hi Everyone,

This is Krista from the Rutland JOBS program.  I writing to find out if any
of you have run into difficulty with keeping your clients on Medicaid?  I
recently had a client who is in SRS CARE (not custody), who did originally
qualify for medicaid, but when she was reviewed this month she was found
ineligible, because they felt her income level was too high.  They counted
her SRS living stipend along with her job (only working 1 day a week) as
income.  She is now only eligible for VHAP.  Does anyone know a way around
this?  Once she graduates next month, she will no longer recieve the SRS $,
but may recieve transitional services money and will most likely be working
full time. Which will put her over the limit again, I am sure. I also have
another kid in a similar situation.  I am finding it difficult to keep my
18+ clients on medicaid in order to support the program.  I would really
appreciate feedback anyone has to offer.

Krista LaFemina
Rutland JOBS
786-9967 ext 12