Well, I love learning from mistakes!  And letting others learn from them
too. So, first, in my defense.... let us remember that these two species
were once considered to be one species....

On Friday I had an enjoyable time butterflying on the Arlington priority
block with a few VBSers. We hiked up a nice woods road along a stream were
there was abundant Dentaria (toothwort) flowering. Perfect habitat and
timing for West Virginia Whites. Almost immediately we captured and looked
closely at a few whites. They just looked like they had much too dark
veining and I identified them as.....yes...Mustard Whites. OOOOOPS! They
most certainly were West Virginia Whites. Luckily, yesterday I captured a
Mustard White. Take a look at the two of them together in the photo on our
web page - . I think you can see
the difference pretty quickly.

Well, many apologies to the group on Friday! Hope you all get out and
explore for more West Virginia Whites. For a picture of Toothwort, check
out the article on our web page at

Enjoy the butterfly weather.

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