VBS Volunteers-
Finally, the VBS database is online! Thanks for your patience. Check it out at  It is a good idea to check out your
block(s) and list the species that have already been vouchered so you know
you need.  I keep a checklist for each of my 12 blocks and then update it
each visit.

We continue to update the database. For example, we are working on identifying
the Phyciodes sp. vouchers (big thanks to Jim Hedbor and Michael Sabourin for
working on these!) and the Azures (thanks to Harry Pavulaan!).  We have a good
start on getting historic records in the database, but we have a long long
to travel to get them all in there.  About half fo the UVM collection is in
database as well as a number of other smaller historic collections.

This is a last reminder to let us know what block(s) you will be surverying if
you have not already.

Happy butterflying.


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