Why look at butterflies?  Because of the thrill of IDing something new, that I haven't ever noticed before!  Today it was my first Silvery Blue and Harvester.  

Thank you, Kent, for your visit and information to the Arlington area last Fri.  I suspect several other than myself are new to butterflying, so I hope you take time to continually pass along information to the list - like where to look for the Angelwings (woods), and the fact that food source and availability for instars will affect the size of the adult (larger later in the season)...

I saw several 'blues' today.  Since these are subject to special studies, how many vouchers might you suggest?  (I just re-read your note saying '6-10 specimens would be ideal, from any one location on any one date').   How might we list the whites, sulphurs and azures for quanity?  For instance,  in the field I surveyed today I counted 13 blue butterflies.   I netted 5 (2 in one shot!).  2 were Silvery Blues and the rest Spring Azures ( altho one that I collected has distinctive spots on the upper hind wing similar to what is shown for Cherry Gall Azure (plate 23/6).   Since I was unable to specifically ID many of the distant flyers,  how do I list them for quanity?   Same is true for sulphurs, and whites......???

I discovered I still have voucher cards from last year (4854-74) - shall I discard? 

If  any others of you did not get a checklist of known VT Butterflies with Flight Periods, etc., request one.  It's most helpful for us first-timers.

Lastly,  thanks for the info on your 'field' camera.  I have promptly misplaced it and the order info.  Could you post it for a suggestion for all of us - esp. since you have done all the leg work and field testing. 

Many thanks,

E. Dorset, VT