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>Yet I notice no Arizona ski days in your tally of this season.

I was out in AZ all last week chillin' in the White Mountains at around
6,000 feet.  I say El Scorpion should go out and do some product testing up
there sometime (about 4 hrs northeast of Phoenix).  I was in the Show
Low/Pinetop area and just inside the Apache Indian Reservation up there,
and if I went outside and walked about 100 yards down the road I could see
some very white peaks.

Anyone ever been to the Ski Sunrise Resort up there? We went up to check it
out but the gates to the access road were closed so we just looked from the
bottom (which still happened to be 8,000+ feet and had patchy snow cover).
Steady snowcover was seen at an estimated 9,500 feet.

How far is Tucson from the area I'm describing?


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