On Mon, 5 May 2003, Marc Chrusch wrote:

> The Bush administration released a statement today expressing condolences
> to the people of NH, saying in part, "While there's no evidence of this
> yet, we're pretty sure Syria is behind this tragedy". Hours later it was
> announced that Halliburton has been awarded a $12 billion contract to study
> the reconstruction or a replacement of the profile.

Actually, the people at the base of the cliff on Sunday were saying plans
were already afoot to carve the faces of Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, and
Rumsfeld right into Cannon cliff, a la Rushmore. Since they'll need
more room , it'll probably go more in the center, near Moby Grape
because the rock is more uniform there. The completed sculpture will have
tours and a nightly fireworks show to compliment the new RV park going in
along the shores of Profile Lake. Should be sweet, the old Finger of Fate
pitch should now line up perfectly with Rumsfeld's nose, which will
undoubtedly be a more formidable if less asthetic challenge.


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