--- Leigh Daboll, in his best Johnnie Cochran form, attempted to
justify the seemingly illogical contention that Ontario ski areas
are inferior to Michigan ski areas, but that Ontario slopes are
crowded with Michigan skiers.

> Three reasons:
> 1) $1.00 US = $1.50 CAN.

Sure, saving some money is an attraction.  But how many skiers
from Detroit will brave the border nazis and a 3 hour drive to
ski inferior slopes, even with a nice discount?

> 2) Age of majority = 19 (ON) vs. 21 (MI)

If the skiing is inferior in Ontario, the more logical behavior
is to hit the bars and strip joints in Windsor but do the skiing
in the home state.  You have to understand that Americans are not
as motivated by cheap beer as Brits or Canadians.

> 3)  4% vs. 5%

No clue what this means.  Presumably this is another one of those
Skivt-l insider things.

But, all in all, I will give you credit for coming up with a
possible explanation.

But, there's a bigger problem.  Ontario slopes are NOT crowded with
Michigan skiers.  No way, no how.  There are only 2 ski areas in
all of Ontario that draw more than miniscule amounts of Michigan
skiers: Blue Mountain and my sort of home area Searchmont
( ).  Over the course of the season, the
Yank percentage at Blue Mountain is probably around 10%.  Searchmont
draws at least 50% Yanks, but it's a small area.  But I tremendously
doubt that any other ON ski area draws more than 1% from south of
the border.

In the end, it's simple.  The BEST Ontario ski areas are better than
the best Michigan lower peninsula areas (Blue Mtn does beat Boyne
Mtn).  Other than that, both state/provinces have a good collection
of ski tihs.  (Again, I exclude Mt. Bohemia as it is quite distant.)

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