The Ovid web site states that you can purchase something called Ovid
to set up links to the full text of journals not licensed by Ovid.

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Subject: Re: Question re: PubMed vs. Ovid Medline

I'd also like to know if Ovid MEDLINE links to all electronic journal
subscriptions that one might have, or just those from Ovid.  If just Ovid
titles, this could be a limiting factor, as many subscriptions now come with
"free" online access (not usually free, IMHO, as prices have increased to
provide this "free" access).

Other vendors such as EBSCO promise linking to all licensed online journals,
and offer PubMed LinkOut help.  For example, a Link Out URL has just been
setup for Wisconsin's BadgerLink EBSCO full-text databases.

In my personal opinion, I prefer database search software that defaults to
mapping to formal subject headings.  Ovid does this, as does CINAHLdirect.
It is an option in EBSCO.  However, it is buried in PubMed, and the natuaral
language mapping is not always that wonderful.

Hope this helps - Peg

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Subject: Question re: PubMed vs. Ovid Medline

> On p. 237 of the April 2003 J Med Libr Assoc, the authors state: "PubMed
is often promoted over Ovid MEDLINE due to the significant increase in the
number of journals that can be accessed directly from PubMed, compared with
Ovid MEDLINE."  No further comment is given.  It was my understanding that
both PubMed and Ovid MEDLINE have linkout to full text features, and it was
my assumption that they were essentially equivalent in what they link to.  I
know that in OVID itself, one would have a more limited selection of full
text if one did not also purchase their linkout product.  The article gives
the impression, perhaps to the unwary reader, that there is some sort of
qualitative difference between the two linkout programs.  If anyone has
experience with this or cares to comment, I'd like to hear the collective
wisdom of the group.
> Harvey Brenneise
> Michigan Public Health Institute
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