...and one more thing: When replying to a posting that is inappropriately
labeled CHAT, please remove the CHAT label from the subject line before you
send it back to MEDLIB-L.  Thanks.


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Subject: Help, Listmom!

Valerie, et al:

May I make a plea to listmembers to please use the CHAT prefix
appropriately?  I see many important, relevant, informative postings which
are mislabeled as CHAT.  Some recent examples:
    Copyright Fair Use
    Medline Plus Pilate Project
    A Study of Drug Reporting in Canadian Newspapers
    Statistical Resources on the Web
Why are these subjects labeled CHAT?  To me, CHAT means off-topic, trivial,
fun, not relevant to our work.  Some examples:
    It's a Girl
    Happy Mother's Day
    Librarian Column from Dear Abby
    Comic Relief in the Library
Now these are appropriately labeled postings!

The problem with mislabeling important information as CHAT is that some of
us scan the list and take out or look over anything labeled CHAT because we
don't have time to read anything off-topic.

If I am off-base here, please correct me, Valerie.  According to the
guidelines posted at,
CHAT is for "MESSAGES to ENTERTAIN."  I almost missed the posting about the
CCC because it was labeled CHAT - and I'm in need of that information right
now.  We all are!

Sorry for the rant but appreciate any help and cooperation.

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