NASIG 2003- "Serials In the Park", Portland, OR June 26-29th-Deadline
for conference registration online May 30, print registrations
postmarked by May 23, 2003.  (

The Program Planning Committee for the 2003 NASIG Conference in Portland
looks West towards a bright and shining light.  We haven't reversed
world order, but we have made some interesting changes to our format for
the programs.  Some beloved NASIG traditions remain, but we have
speakers from different countries, different professions and
non-traditional members in our Plenary and Concurrent sessions to
provide us with insight and ideas. Trends and topics will be addressed
along with our Town Hall where we can all discuss topics related to
serials and NASIG in an open, honest and thought-provoking forum.  The
committee's work is drawing to a close as we finalize last details on
the program.  Our hope is that all of you will find "Serials In the
Park" as exciting of an program and venue as we do.

See you in Portland!

For full program information see the conference website at

NASIG Conference Planning Committee
NASIG Program Planning Committee
Maggie Rioux, NASIG Publicist