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 Subject:      Re: GG Steepness

    Dont suppose it was one of these guys?

    They put a report up here:;f=1;t=018738

    Same day you guys were there. This was the same group I met up with in
    Jefferson Ravine with a few weeks ago. Colin said he ran into you
   Denis, he woulda been the guy skiing CMHs with Hammerheads. <

That's right.  I met Colin at a PSIA clinic 2 yrs. ago.  He is a great
skier, graduating from Dartmouth this yr. & will be going to grad school,
but I forgot where.  We met near the top of Airplane.  He recognized me
first.  Why is it that as I get older it is always that way?  Anyhow we
talked about the coincidence of both being on CMHs with Hammerheads.  Jim
B. said that Colin later did JTs.  Nice movie by the way.  (The Powder
forum crashes my browser and requires a hard boot to recover my machine.)

Speaking of chuting, there is this thread going on over on Telemark Tips,
involving our own Matt Duphphy,

As for the Janet factor, I did not have shovel or beacon.  I don't
consider an avalanche to be more than a remote possibility under the
conditions we encountered Sat.  Perhaps I am a fool.  Please don't tell me
that I have no chance to live past 40.  :)))))

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